Shin Guard Comparison

The table below gives a brief comparison between our shin guards and the competition. All measurements were done on actual shin guards of size Large and all other information is based on the product literature.

C6 Agility Nike Mercurial Blade Hinge
Carbon Fiber Content 100% 5%
Carbon Fiber Strength Minimum 649 ksi Unknown
Other Fibers None 19% Fiberglass
Production Method High Temp and Pressure Autoclave Injection Molded
Matrix Media Prepreg Epoxy TPU Plastic
Foam Backing Poron XRD w/ Microban & Durawick Cover Polyurethane
Weight 1.4 - 2.1 oz (Speed - Max) 2.75 oz
Thickness 1/8 Inch 5/16 Inch

For an independent technical review of real carbon fiber vs. injection molded shin guards please take a look at the study done by the JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE & MEDICINE here. Through a scientific investigation, this study concluded that real carbon fiber shin guards are far superior to plastic based shin guards.