About Us


C6 Agility was founded in 2011 by an aerospace engineer living in Chicago. As a 12 year old club soccer player, Mr. Mercier broke his leg while on a breakaway when the goalkeeper slid out to make the save. It was a clean break right in the middle of the shin, straight through both bones. Although he had chosen the cheap thermoplastic shin guards he was wearing at the time due to their low weight, their corresponding low quality proved to provide little protection in this situation.

Over Mr. Mercier’s engineering career in various industries, he gained hands on experience and technical expertise in advanced materials. With this material expertise and the inspiration from his unfortunate injury as a youth soccer player, he created his first product; the C6 Agility 100% Carbon Fiber Shin Guards. After more than a year of customer involved product testing and refinement these revolutionary shin guards were released into production and heralded “the Lamborghini of shin guards”.


How We Are Different

The only thing that matters to your personal performance and safety are the materials and design of the products. We run our business with this in mind and we wanted to share with you how this impacts what we do and how it makes us different.

1. Focus On Performance – We understand that you demand every advantage and we also understand that in order to give you every advantage, we have to be different. We have focused our attention and resources on creating the highest performance products on the market. We don’t focus on flashy packaging, high budget advertising, paid endorsements or unnecessary accessories. None of these things impact your performance on the field and significantly drive up the product price. This is why our products are competitively priced, despite being handmade using the most advanced materials and processes.

2. Use the Best Materials – All carbon fiber is not the same. We use the same aerospace grade carbon fibers and ultra-high strength epoxy used in Formula 1 race cars, exotic sports cars and military fighter aircraft because there is no stronger and lighter way to make carbon fiber composites. There are many products out there that claim to be carbon fiber but are really just mass produced products that do not take advantage of the unique properties of carbon fiber. This is because they use a little bit of carbon fiber for cosmetics and use regular plastic to surround the carbon fiber resulting in only slightly better performance over regular plastic. We will choose performance over low cost every time because you need to have every advantage when you’re on the field.

3. Connect The Customer – We work very closely with our customers when we design our products. Since we do not mass produce our products, we are able to make changes inexpensively and quickly. We listen to customer feedback and implement improvements continuously to ensure that we squeeze every last bit of performance out of our products. We have built our sales network to sell as directly as possible so that we can continue to receive direct customer feedback and avoid traditional distribution networks that can drive up prices. This is another example of where we minimize costs that do not impact your performance.

As you can see, C6 Agility is committed to producing the very best products on the market at a competitive price. We’ve streamlined and focused our business to ensure that you only pay for things that impact your performance. We understand you demand every advantage and hope you choose C6 Agility products for a direct and lasting impact on your game.