C6 Valor Compression Sleeves

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Compression Technology + Security!

  • Custom designed and manufactured to fit with all of our Shin Guard products
  • Integral Silicone Gripper Band to Improve Stability
  • Work Perfectly Over TruSox Crew/Ankle Length - No extra Sock Needed
  • Keeps Shin Guards Securely in Place
  • 280 gsm Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Flat Lock Stitching for Maximum Comfort
  • Known Circulatory System Enhancements of Compression Garments:
    • Improved oxygen delivery to muscles
    • Accelerated lactic acid removal
    • Stabilization of the lower leg for greater muscle efficiency
    • Improved blood return to the heart through a more efficient calf muscle pump, leading to increased endurance 
    • Cramp prevention / reduction
    • Minimized muscle fatigue as a result of more compact muscles, which also enhances balance

Size Guide 

  • Small --> Players Height 3'4" to 4'3" (102cm to 131cm)
  • Medium --> Players Height 4'4" to 5'5" (132cm to 166cm)
  • Large --> Players Height 5'6" and Greater (>167cm)