C6 Shin Guards - Gen 4 - Handmade 100% Carbon Fiber

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Leave your fears and opponents behind!

Latest Generation - Highest Tech Available!

Invisible Feel - Incredibly Strong - Aerospace Grade

"The best of the best" - Soccer Reviews for You

"The Lamborghini of shin guards" - Unisport

Size Guide

Step 1 - Select Your Coverage Preference

  • Max --> If you like a bigger shin guard and want to maximize the area they cover
  • Speed --> If you like a minimal shin guard and want it to be lighter and cover less

Step 2 - Choose Your Curvature Based on Your Height 

  • Small --> Players Height 3'4" to 4'3" (102cm to 131cm)
  • Medium --> Players Height 4'4" to 5'5" (132cm to 166cm)
  • Large --> Players Height 5'6" and Greater (>167cm)

* You can also print out this Curvature Verification Guide to double check your sizing if you are unsure.

Note: Due to the rigid nature of real carbon fiber, smaller sizes have a tighter curvature and will be too tight around the ankle or shin if the wrong size is chosen.

    Product Highlights

    • USA Made 100% Aerospace Grade Real Prepreg Carbon Fiber / Epoxy Shell - Increased carbon content for Gen 4 further improves strength.
      • No Stronger Way to Make Carbon Fiber - Don't Be Fooled by Other Brands and Marketing
    • PORON® XRD™ w/ Microban - Foam Backing Absorbs up to 90% of Force and Resists Odors - Gen 4 features decreased sweat retention in the foam
    • DuraWick™ Foam Covering for Durability and Sweat Wicking - Improved design for Gen 4 greatly improves durability and sweat management
    • Anatomical Left / Right Guards Fit Snugly and Invisibly - Tape / Tight Socks / In and Under Sleeves Work Perfectly
    • Large/Speed Variation Weighs Only 1.6 oz! - Large/Max Weighs 2.3 oz
    • 1/8" (3mm) Total Thickness Including Foam Backing
    Includes 1 Pair of Shin Guards (sleeves optional and sold separately)